Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

24 Jul

Since rhubarb is in season at the moment and my mom is just mad about it I thought I would try out a jam recipe so we could enjoy it all year round. This recipe is amazing. It couldn’t be simpler and from the amount I made (about 15 jars) you would assume we have enough to last us for the year but at the rate we are eating it, it would be a miracle if it lasted a couple of months! This is evidence of how truly amazing it is. Don’t worry about being experienced in jam making, because I was a complete novice and it turned out perfect.

Rhubarb and Ginger Jam ( makes approx. 3 jars)

8cups/950g rhubarb

2 1/4cups caster/jam sugar

1/3cup grated root ginger

1 1/2tsp vanilla extract

  • Peel, wash and chop the rhubarb into 1/2 inch chunks roughly and peel and grate the root ginger.
  • Combine the rhubarb, ginger, sugar and vanilla in a large non reactive pot and place over a high heat until simmering, stirring continuously.
  • Turn down to a medium heat and cook, stirring occasionally for 20-25mins until the rhubarb has broken down and the mixture has thickened. To be sure it is ready, check with a instant thermometer if the jam is at 107°c  or do the cold plate test. Put a plate in the freezer for 2-3mins the take it out and put a spoonful of the jam on it. Put it in the fridge for 1-2mins and when you take it out it should be set and wrinkle to the touch. This means its done.
  • While the jam is still hot put it in sterilized jars( See Note), put the lids on and turn them upside down.Leave the jars to cool upside down, this seals the jars. They will keep for up to a year.

Note: To sterilize jars wash them in hot soapy water the put them in an oven preheated to 150°c for 10mins. Be extremely careful as the jars are very hot. Also make sure to ut the jam in the jars while both the jam and the jars are hot.

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