Chicken Satay Skewers with Spicy Noodle Salad

7 Aug


This dish is a firm family favorite for everyone and has been since the day I first made it a couple of years ago. It is actually quite an easy recipe, especially if you have a food processor/chopper, but there are a few different components to it. This leads to quite a lot of multi tasking and a bit of a frantic chef( in my case!) but to make it a bit less hectic, you can have the sauces made a few hours ahead or even the day before, and keep them in the fridge until needed. This meal is packed with flavor and is perfect for a warm, summer evening.


Chicken Satay Skewers with Spicy Noodle Salad (Serves 4)

For the Chicken Satay:

a small bunch of coriander

1 red chili

1 garlic clove

3 heaped tbsp crunchy peanut butter

dash of soy sauce

a 2cm piece of root ginger

2 limes

3-4 chicken breasts

4/5 wooden skewers, soaked in water to prevent burning

For the Spicy Noodle Salad:

4 nests of dried egg noodles( one for each person)

100g cashews, roughly chopped

1-2tbsp honey

1/2 red onion

1 red chili

a small bunch of coriander

3-4tbsp soy sauce

juice of 1 lime

2tsp sesame oil

2tbsp olive oil

1tsp fish sauce

  • Preheat the oven to 200ºc/375ºf on grill.
  • Put the coriander, chili, peeled garlic, peanut butter and soy sauce in the food processor and whizz into a smooth paste.
  • Peel and roughly chop the ginger then add to the food processor with the zest of both limes, juice of 1 lime, a couple of splashes of water and seasoning. Whizz again until the ginger is finely chopped and the liquid incorporated. You may need to add more water depending on how thick or runny your sauce is.
  • Cut the chicken breasts in strips, length ways. Thread a skewer through the end of one of the strips of chicken, then bend the chicken strip back and tread it through again. Repeat this step with the rest of the chicken strips and  skewers, treading about 3-4 strips on each skewer.
  • Lay the skewers on a baking tray then lather the satay sauce all over them( I leave a bit of satay sauce to serve it with), season with salt and pepper and pop them under the grill for 8-10mins on each side of until the chicken is cooked right through.
  • Cook the egg noodles according to the packet while they are cooking, toast the cashews in a frying pan over a low heat, tossing regularly for 2-3mins. Drizzle them with the honey and set aside.
  • For the noodle sauce, put your red onion, chili and coriander in a food processor and whizz until all finely chopped. Put into a large serving bowl and add the soy sauce, lime juice, sesame oil, olive oil and fish sauce. Mix well them add the cooked noodles and honeyed cashews and toss to coat.
  • Serve everything hot with a fresh, crunchy salad. Enjoy!







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