Pita Bread

20 Feb


I have always wanted to try making pita bread and I guess I just figured it would somehow be a long, complicated process but it is just as easy as making any other bread. The recipe is very similar to a pizza dough recipe which I was pleasantly surprised by. It does take a while to make, as does any bread, because of the rising time but the actual hands on time is quite small which means you can be off doing all sorts of bits and pieces while you wait. And oh sweet divine, the pita bread you get at the end is magnificent. When it comes out of the oven it is warm and the outside is ever so lightly crisp and the inside is so soft and fluffy with steam gently billowing out… Are you hungry yet? Because I am! These are 100% worth it and they are perfect for freezing so you can take one whenever you need and pop it in the toaster or microwave.


Pita Bread (Makes 8)

450g plain flour

1 1/2tsp salt

1 x 7g packet of instant yeast

285g/ 1 1/4 cup tepid water

2tbsp olive oil

1tbsp honey

  • In a large bowl mix the flour, salt and yeast together and make a well in the middle.
  • Pour most of the water in along with the olive oil and honey. Using a wooden spoon, bring the flour into the liquid  gradually until it starts forming dough. Using your hand, knead the dough together making sure you get all the flour. You may need to add a little more water or flour depending on how wet or dry it is.
  • Sprinkle a bit of flour onto a clean work surface, dump the dough out and start kneading it for about 3mins. Cover it with the bowl and leave to rest for 5mins then knead again for 5-6mins.
  • Oil a clean bowl lightly and place the dough in it, oil the top of the dough lightly as well. Cover with cling film or a damp tea towel and leave in a warm place to rise for 90mins, or until about doubled in size.
  • After the rising, knock the air out of the dough and divide into 8 even balls. (I weigh mine to make sure they are even but this isn’t necessary) Cover them with a towel and leave to rest for 20mins. This makes it easier to shape them. Preheat the oven to 200ºc/395ºf and put a large baking sheet in the oven too to warm up.
  • After they have been rested, sprinkle a clean worktop with a bit of flour and then individually roll each ball out to about 1/4inch thick.
  • Place about 4 rolled pitas in the oven at a time and bake for 4-9mins depending on how crisp and golden you want the outside to be. They will be pale but cooked at 4mins.
  • Once cooked you can tuck in! Or freeze for later.


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