Food in the Wilderness, or on a Portable Hob!

19 Jul

Food in the Wilderness, or on a Portable Hob!

As you may know from my previous post, I went camping two days ago and promised to do a recap of my foodie experience. Well we left at about one so we all had a bite to eat before we left, watermelon to cool me down! It took about two hours to got to Renvyle (A little place in the middle of Connemara) and then we had the fantastic (Not!) task of pitching our tents. The first one was a nightmare but the second one seemed to go up pretty quick. It was quite stressful though considering all the other campers were sitting back in their deck chairs with a smug little smile on each one of their faces. We managed to produce this though, so I was pretty proud!



We then had to set up our little portable hob which took a bit of figuring but we finally had power and it really was a savior.


After that we were all a bit knackered and it was still too early to start dinner so we all had a cup of tea and Mom, Jackie and Rachel had a slice of the Banana Bread with Chocolate Crumble Layers as an afternoon snack which got great praise.


We then wandered down to the beach and it was so lovely that I went for a run. There really is nothing more relaxing then running on the beach with the sound of the crashing waves and then smell of the sea. It sure helped me work up a good appetite for dinner.


The day before we left I had made a ton of tomato and veggie sauce and jarred it so that wee could just pop it in and we would be set for dinner. So that’s what we had, we made some wholemeal fusilli and coated it in my homemade sauce and serve with a lovely, fresh salad courtesy of Jackie. We even remembered to bring parmesan so it felt really gourmet!


Jackie’s Salad 🙂


Later on I had a slice of the banana bread for my dessert and we went down to the beach and spent the evening down there.


For breakfast they had boiled eggs and I had some melon and homemade muesli which was delicious and easy to travel too. I unfortunately totally forgot to take a picture of any of this but take my word for it they were great camping foods and tasted ultra yummy!

We went to the beach for the day and it was roasting so we had to rustle up a speedy and simple lunch. Mom had a ham roll, easy, two ingredients and yet still  tastes great and Jackie and Rachel had cheese and tomatoes on pumpkin seed bread.


I munch ed my way through a stack of fruit in an attempt to fill me up and keep me cool at the same time… It sort of worked!



On the way home we stopped in to Kylemore Abbey which is absolutely magnificent and Mom and Rachel got homemade ice creams, which looked really amazing.



So that is basically how our camping adventures went and we would definitely do it all again!

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